What are the Ingredients in Vape Juice

Also known as e-juice, vape juice is a combination of water, edible flavors, nicotine at zero or an acceptable level and vegetable glycerin or/and propylene glycol (PG). Significantly, the number of people globally using vape juice has increased manifolds during the past few years. The number is going to reach 55 million by 2021. Today, you can get e-cigarettes at any shop online or offline. We’ll discuss here briefly the ingredient of in vape juice.

Ingredients of in vape juice

The ingredients play a significant role in making the e-cigarette in less cancer-causing. Thus, you will get many options and a plethora of combinations spanning from a simple and easy-to-use to sophisticated models.

The e-juice plays a critical role in making lessen the addiction to nicotine. Further, it will help in giving up nicotine over a designated time frame.

Misinformation on ingredients

There are diverse ill-informed sources that say e-juice contains pretty harmful chemical such as antifreeze – equally more harmful than cigarettes. To get a good quality vape juice, the best thing you can do is buying e-juice of reputable seller.

Quality vape juice contains the following ingredients:

A combination of/either of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are the most common ingredients that go to make e-liquid. The chemicals play the function of a suspension for nicotine and flavoring agents. FDA has recognized these ingredients as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). They are tasteless and can be used safely by humans without causing any negative effect.

In vape juice, propylene glycol or vegetable Glycerin – 100% pure or a combination of them is used. Vegetable glycerin improves the texture and thickness of the liquid.

Non-oil food-grade flavoring agents

In vape juice, flavors that are widely used in foods that you consume every day are used. These flavoring agents are safe. However, there are a few you should avoid. These include buttery, vanilla-Esque flavors.

Therefore, when buying vape juice, ensure to check out and you avoid buying vape juice containing any of these ingredients.

Ensure to check if the seller does not use, flavorings that are not oil-based. If they contain the oil-based flavors or you cannot get clarity on the issue, the best thing is to get the product from another seller.


Nicotine is the principal chemical in tobacco. It’s because of nicotine that people get addicted to tobacco. There’s of course, a little controversy on nicotine, yet using e-liquid is much safe than smoking a conventional cigarette. Conventional cigarettes contain nicotine as well as many harmful chemicals.

Vape juice is commonly displayed as having 0mg, 12mg, 06 mg, 18 mg, 18 mg. Nicotine is available as a liquid in vape juice and is expressed as mg/ml. That is for each milliliter of vape juice that you buy will have the corresponding milligrams of nicotine. Thus, according to your smoking pattern and habit, you can being between 12 mg to 24 mg of nicotine and then gradually cut it down. Stay within the safe limits. Seek professional advice.


Quite a few vape juices contain water. The basic complement of an e-cigarette is the heating element and reservoir for liquid. The wicking material brings the liquid to a metal coil. The metal coil turns water droplets that you can breathe in.


Cinnamon’s role was controversial as a flavoring agent in the past. However, research established that estate is safe. Yet many people tend to avoid cinnamon flavor. We leave it to your personal choice.

Harmful ingredients

Acetoin. diacetyl and acetyl propionyl are harmful and you should avoid vape juices at any cost. During the past, they were in wide use in buttery, creamy and vanilla-Esque flavors. These ingredients add to the taste and they bring you a condition called popcorn lung. It is harmful to consume these ingredients. They are likely to cause cancerous growth of cells.


It is important to note about vape juice that you will get diverse flavors and concentration of nicotine. Thus, you have plenty of options. Always choose your flavor yourself instead of others’ recommendation. This is because the taste is perceptional and the, therefore, varies across people. Be aware that some vape juice tastes better as they become old after it is properly cured. It’s also important to note that if you don’t wish to continue with the vape juice, you will have the option to sell it trade or give it someone.

How Much Nicotine Do You Mix In E Juice?

Any new vape user will find the levels of nicotine in e liquids to be rather confusing. It might be the fact that any particular vape juice happens to be your favorite one, and in the case, it is imperative for you to figure out the nicotine level you will be vaping at. Even though smokers do not have much idea regarding the nicotine levels in their cigarettes, these levels are nevertheless important in case of vaping. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned a comprehensive guideline on the amount of nicotine that should be mixed in e juice.

What exactly is Nicotine?

Generally speaking, nicotine happens to be a chemical that contains nitrogen and occurs in plants belonging to the nightshade family. Smokers are usually of the notion that nicotine is the only chemical present in the cigarettes which can result in adverse side effects; however, the real fact is that there are various types of chemical substances present in a cigarette that is responsible for affecting our system in cohesion.

Does nicotine cause addiction?

It is known to all of us that nicotine can result in addiction. Although this fact has not been verified completely, it is our general belief that nicotine is addictive. However, we are not yet certain exactly which parts of our system are adversely affected by nicotine in the long run. We simply know the fact that individuals consuming nicotine regularly (in any form) will experience some symptoms of withdrawal in case they stop consuming it for a considerable period. These short-term withdrawal symptoms might lead to nausea, headaches, as well as irritability.

That being said, nicotine is proven to be quite bad for children and teenagers. That is why we feel it’s good that they are working on solutions for schools.

In the following paragraphs, we will throw light on the nicotine levels in e juice.

E juice nicotine levels:

It is possible for the vapers to understand the exact components that constitute their vape juice, and they also know exactly the amount of nicotine present in their e juice. However, it will be difficult for smokers to understand exactly how much nicotine is present in one particular cigarette because this will vary from one brand to another.

Vape users, who were previously cigarette smokers, will find it difficult to select which e juice nicotine level is going to be appropriate for their specific requirements. Fortunately, the levels of e juice nicotine are standard throughout the industry. Commercial e juice usually consists of different strengths of nicotine such as zero nicotine, 6 mg, 3 mg, 12 mg, as well as 18 mg. However, it is possible for the nicotine levels to reach as high as 36 mg. All these values are going to represent the quantity of nicotine present in every single mL of the vape liquid, and are usually expressed in the form of a percentage. (For example, 1.2% instead of 12 mg/mL). Next, we will mention a convenient way that will help us to understand the various nicotine levels present in e liquids.

Figuring out your ideal vaping nicotine level:

It is a fact that the levels of nicotine present in the vape liquid can influence our vaping experience significantly. It is important to consider some aspects while choosing the ideal option.

Usage: A higher level of nicotine will be ideal for any individual who is known to vape only sparingly during the day. Nevertheless, folks that vape in longer sessions might feel that an increased level of nicotine can affect them adversely, sometimes even causing nausea or giddiness.

Smoking equivalency: You will come across many vapers who were accustomed to smoke previously, and it is essential for them to figure out that particular nicotine level which will provide them with the same level of satisfaction they experienced while smoking. An erstwhile heavy smoker might require a heavier nicotine level to get the desired satisfaction. Nevertheless, vaping is different from smoking, and several heavy smokers likewise go for a lighter nicotine level.

Taste and throat hit: It is possible for higher e juice nicotine levels to provide the vape juice with a harsh flavor as well as throat hit. Several vapers have a preference for a lighter nicotine level which will provide them with a much smoother hit thus enabling them to enjoy the taste better.


It might be the fact that you started at one level, but that does not imply that you have to remain there forever. Make it a point to go for different types of vape juices, various devices as well as various nicotine levels till you find the one ideal for you.

How Do I Make Vape Juice Flavours

If you are not accustomed to the term ‘e-juice’, ‘vape juice’ or ‘e-liquid’, then this guide will answer your queries. E-juice and vape juice are widely used nowadays. The vaping community is very much aware of the taste and choices. The main drawback of the e-juice is its costly vaping system. We all are die-hard fans of the costly and expensive e-liquid. But the choices are very much limited in the market. So, it is better to make it yourself.

What is vape juice?

There are many things that you should know. These are such as:

  • E-juice or vape juice is one kind of fluid that uses in the case of vaporizers to create vapor. These juices are available in a variety of flavors. It is also available with zero nicotine options as well, like at https://cloudridevapor.com/
  • These juices are made with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine.
  • There are also food flavoring and water in this juice. These juices are available with nicotine and without it as well.
  • This kind of food-grade flavoring is as same as products like flavorings used in ketch-up, ice-creams and salads. PG and VG are used here to distribute the proper flavor and nicotine level as well.

What should you do to make your own e-juice?

You should follow some methods to make your e-liquid. You will need some special ingredients to make this juice.

  • Base liquid: Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine are the two most important ingredients to make the vape juice. The actual taste of the base liquid is unflavoured. This base liquid is already available in the premixed portion in a ratio of 50-50 or 70-30.
  • Water-soluble flavor: This ingredient decides the taste of the juice. So, the maker will have to concentrate on this particular part of the juice. You can choose any kinds of concentrates from so many options available in the market. You can use these to make various kinds of recipes as well. You can also get the pre-mixed multiple flavors.
  • Nicotine: Actually, nicotine is optional in this case. The strength and power of nicotine that you select to buy decide the level of nicotine. 36 or 48 ml nicotine is enough for the beginners. You should be very much careful about handling the matter of nicotine level. You will also have to be very careful about the storing and handling the nicotine. You will have to be very careful. You will have to take this away from your children’s reach as well.
  • Storage containers: You will have to store the base liquid in the squeeze bottles and these bottles should have nozzle tips. This helps you to add the liquid in cooking and salads as well. If you use nicotine in this case, then you will have to store it in cobalt bottles or amber. The solid glass and the dark color can slower degradation as well.
  • E-juice bottles: You can buy 10ml plastic bottles to do the first time experiment with vape juices. You may also buy the 60ml bottles to make a large number of vape juices. These bottles are very cheap and you can easily avail them in the market.
  • Gloves: You should use disposable gloves to make this vape juice. Syringes: You will have to buy 10-30ml syringes to make the whole process of vape juice. With the help of syringes, you can adjust the level of nicotine and flavor liquids as well.

Apart from this, you should measure and determine the strength of the nicotine. You will have to extract the nicotine from the container as well. After that, you should transfer the nicotine to the bottle. Then you can choose the right flavor according to your preferences. After that, you will have to measure and transfer the flavor concentrates as well. Then you should add the PG and VG as well. Now you should pour the liquid in the bottle and use a child-resistant cap. After that, you should shake the bottle for a few minutes to mix evenly the level of nicotine and flavors as well. Now you can enjoy your vape juice flavors.

How Do I Make My Vape Juice More Flavorful?


If you ask any seasoned vaper out there what makes their vape juice more flavorful, you are likely to find a few slightly different responses. Some believe the flavor of a vape juice has to do with the heating capacity of the device.

And there is another lot that believes it has to do with the ingredients in the e-juice. Indeed, making your vape juice more flavorful has so much to do with how both how you leverage the heating functions of the device and your selection of the e-juice. Still, there are many more personal tweaks you can do to your juice to relish every puff of cloud you billow out.

Tips On How To Make Your Vape Juice More Flavorful

Adjusting The Heat Settings – As we already suggested, one of the most efficient ways of enhancing the flavor of your e-juice is by adjusting the heat settings. First, ensure you buy vape devices with adjustable voltage.

This is because the flavor delivered by the e-juice depends on the temperature settings you work with. Generally, you should begin low and work your way up till you reach that spot where the flavor is most blissful.

Select Your Coil Carefully – This is closely connected with temperature adjustments as it is the coil that does the actual heating of the e-liquid. Ideally, you should insist on coils that have a greater surface area. If in doubt as to what the concept of surface area implies here, insist on a coil that comes with several bends and twists.

This is because such coils are known for their efficient heating capacity, ensuring the vapor is uniformly distributed across the vape device. Also, it ensures maximum liquid can be vaporized each time you use the device.

Beware of Vaper’s Tounge – Basically, Vaper’s Tounge is flavor fatigue associated with prolonged use of the same kind of e-liquid flavor. It is a problem suffered mostly by seasoned vapers who have brand loyalty to a particular e-juice flavor. Generally, vape juice is bound to lose its taste if you frequently use it. The most efficient solution to this problem is by experimenting with different flavors.

And speaking of flavors, the vaping market is awash with them; from fruit flavors to nicotine flavors and even dessert flavors. If you are so brand loyal to a particular flavor that you just have to go for it, there are home remedies you can employ to ensure you do not suffer from Vaper’s Tounge. For instance, you could sip a glass of juice or lemon water to refresh your palate before vaping.

Control The Airflow – Airflow, much like temperature regulation, has a great effect on the flavor of an e-juice. Experts advise going with mods with under-coil airflow as opposed to those with airflow holes designed on the side of the coil.

If you cannot find the under-flow airflow option, go with the adjustable-top airflow design. This design is even more efficient at diffusing air into the coil, thereby enhancing its heating abilities. Still, on airflow, many vapers falsely believe that the higher the airflow, the better the e-juice flavor. While it is true that more air is required to diffuse through the coil to enhance its heating effects, a blissful flavor is achieved when you work with moderate airflow. The general convention is to reduce the airflow down to a level where the puffs are not very hot and not very harsh.

Regularly Change The Wick – This is a no-brainer – the fresher the wick, the more delectable the flavor. To guarantee enhanced flavors, ensure you change your wicks from time to time.

And this is especially true if you are changing flavors. It is only logical that if you use one wick for different flavors, you are likely to lose the flavor essence of your e-juice. Plus, the mix-up of flavors could interfere with your taste buds.

Go With Higher PG – In vaping jargon, PG refers to Propylene Glycol (PG), a colorless and odorless petroleum by-product that’s a chief ingredient in e-liquids. It is the PG that is responsible for the throat sensation you get when vaping.

The higher your PG concentration, the better the flavor. Propylene Glycol is often used alongside Vegetable Glycerin, so you will need to work out a ratio that delivers a perfect vape flavor. Generally, you might start with a 50 – 50 ratio and then work your way up.

Select a Narrow Drip-tip – You are allowed to experiment with larger bore-drip tips if what you are looking for is cloud density. But if you are looking for more flavor, you are better off with the narrow drip-tip.

Like temperature settings, you will need to keep experimenting with several diameters to find the one that delivers your ideal flavors.


The above tips will greatly come in handy in terms of improving your e-juice flavor. Needless to mention, also ensure the device is regularly cleaned. Dirty vape devices accumulate too much grime that affects the quality of your e-juice flavor

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