Any new vape user will find the levels of nicotine in e liquids to be rather confusing. It might be the fact that any particular vape juice happens to be your favorite one, and in the case, it is imperative for you to figure out the nicotine level you will be vaping at. Even though smokers do not have much idea regarding the nicotine levels in their cigarettes, these levels are nevertheless important in case of vaping. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned a comprehensive guideline on the amount of nicotine that should be mixed in e juice.

What exactly is Nicotine?

Generally speaking, nicotine happens to be a chemical that contains nitrogen and occurs in plants belonging to the nightshade family. Smokers are usually of the notion that nicotine is the only chemical present in the cigarettes which can result in adverse side effects; however, the real fact is that there are various types of chemical substances present in a cigarette that is responsible for affecting our system in cohesion.

Does nicotine cause addiction?

It is known to all of us that nicotine can result in addiction. Although this fact has not been verified completely, it is our general belief that nicotine is addictive. However, we are not yet certain exactly which parts of our system are adversely affected by nicotine in the long run. We simply know the fact that individuals consuming nicotine regularly (in any form) will experience some symptoms of withdrawal in case they stop consuming it for a considerable period. These short-term withdrawal symptoms might lead to nausea, headaches, as well as irritability.

That being said, nicotine is proven to be quite bad for children and teenagers. That is why we feel it’s good that they are working on solutions for schools.

In the following paragraphs, we will throw light on the nicotine levels in e juice.

E juice nicotine levels:

It is possible for the vapers to understand the exact components that constitute their vape juice, and they also know exactly the amount of nicotine present in their e juice. However, it will be difficult for smokers to understand exactly how much nicotine is present in one particular cigarette because this will vary from one brand to another.

Vape users, who were previously cigarette smokers, will find it difficult to select which e juice nicotine level is going to be appropriate for their specific requirements. Fortunately, the levels of e juice nicotine are standard throughout the industry. Commercial e juice usually consists of different strengths of nicotine such as zero nicotine, 6 mg, 3 mg, 12 mg, as well as 18 mg. However, it is possible for the nicotine levels to reach as high as 36 mg. All these values are going to represent the quantity of nicotine present in every single mL of the vape liquid, and are usually expressed in the form of a percentage. (For example, 1.2% instead of 12 mg/mL). Next, we will mention a convenient way that will help us to understand the various nicotine levels present in e liquids.

Figuring out your ideal vaping nicotine level:

It is a fact that the levels of nicotine present in the vape liquid can influence our vaping experience significantly. It is important to consider some aspects while choosing the ideal option.

Usage: A higher level of nicotine will be ideal for any individual who is known to vape only sparingly during the day. Nevertheless, folks that vape in longer sessions might feel that an increased level of nicotine can affect them adversely, sometimes even causing nausea or giddiness.

Smoking equivalency: You will come across many vapers who were accustomed to smoke previously, and it is essential for them to figure out that particular nicotine level which will provide them with the same level of satisfaction they experienced while smoking. An erstwhile heavy smoker might require a heavier nicotine level to get the desired satisfaction. Nevertheless, vaping is different from smoking, and several heavy smokers likewise go for a lighter nicotine level.

Taste and throat hit: It is possible for higher e juice nicotine levels to provide the vape juice with a harsh flavor as well as throat hit. Several vapers have a preference for a lighter nicotine level which will provide them with a much smoother hit thus enabling them to enjoy the taste better.


It might be the fact that you started at one level, but that does not imply that you have to remain there forever. Make it a point to go for different types of vape juices, various devices as well as various nicotine levels till you find the one ideal for you.

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