If you ask any seasoned vaper out there what makes their vape juice more flavorful, you are likely to find a few slightly different responses. Some believe the flavor of a vape juice has to do with the heating capacity of the device.

And there is another lot that believes it has to do with the ingredients in the e-juice. Indeed, making your vape juice more flavorful has so much to do with how both how you leverage the heating functions of the device and your selection of the e-juice. Still, there are many more personal tweaks you can do to your juice to relish every puff of cloud you billow out.

Tips On How To Make Your Vape Juice More Flavorful

Adjusting The Heat Settings – As we already suggested, one of the most efficient ways of enhancing the flavor of your e-juice is by adjusting the heat settings. First, ensure you buy vape devices with adjustable voltage.

This is because the flavor delivered by the e-juice depends on the temperature settings you work with. Generally, you should begin low and work your way up till you reach that spot where the flavor is most blissful.

Select Your Coil Carefully – This is closely connected with temperature adjustments as it is the coil that does the actual heating of the e-liquid. Ideally, you should insist on coils that have a greater surface area. If in doubt as to what the concept of surface area implies here, insist on a coil that comes with several bends and twists.

This is because such coils are known for their efficient heating capacity, ensuring the vapor is uniformly distributed across the vape device. Also, it ensures maximum liquid can be vaporized each time you use the device.

Beware of Vaper’s Tounge – Basically, Vaper’s Tounge is flavor fatigue associated with prolonged use of the same kind of e-liquid flavor. It is a problem suffered mostly by seasoned vapers who have brand loyalty to a particular e-juice flavor. Generally, vape juice is bound to lose its taste if you frequently use it. The most efficient solution to this problem is by experimenting with different flavors.

And speaking of flavors, the vaping market is awash with them; from fruit flavors to nicotine flavors and even dessert flavors. If you are so brand loyal to a particular flavor that you just have to go for it, there are home remedies you can employ to ensure you do not suffer from Vaper’s Tounge. For instance, you could sip a glass of juice or lemon water to refresh your palate before vaping.

Control The Airflow – Airflow, much like temperature regulation, has a great effect on the flavor of an e-juice. Experts advise going with mods with under-coil airflow as opposed to those with airflow holes designed on the side of the coil.

If you cannot find the under-flow airflow option, go with the adjustable-top airflow design. This design is even more efficient at diffusing air into the coil, thereby enhancing its heating abilities. Still, on airflow, many vapers falsely believe that the higher the airflow, the better the e-juice flavor. While it is true that more air is required to diffuse through the coil to enhance its heating effects, a blissful flavor is achieved when you work with moderate airflow. The general convention is to reduce the airflow down to a level where the puffs are not very hot and not very harsh.

Regularly Change The Wick – This is a no-brainer – the fresher the wick, the more delectable the flavor. To guarantee enhanced flavors, ensure you change your wicks from time to time.

And this is especially true if you are changing flavors. It is only logical that if you use one wick for different flavors, you are likely to lose the flavor essence of your e-juice. Plus, the mix-up of flavors could interfere with your taste buds.

Go With Higher PG – In vaping jargon, PG refers to Propylene Glycol (PG), a colorless and odorless petroleum by-product that’s a chief ingredient in e-liquids. It is the PG that is responsible for the throat sensation you get when vaping.

The higher your PG concentration, the better the flavor. Propylene Glycol is often used alongside Vegetable Glycerin, so you will need to work out a ratio that delivers a perfect vape flavor. Generally, you might start with a 50 – 50 ratio and then work your way up.

Select a Narrow Drip-tip – You are allowed to experiment with larger bore-drip tips if what you are looking for is cloud density. But if you are looking for more flavor, you are better off with the narrow drip-tip.

Like temperature settings, you will need to keep experimenting with several diameters to find the one that delivers your ideal flavors.


The above tips will greatly come in handy in terms of improving your e-juice flavor. Needless to mention, also ensure the device is regularly cleaned. Dirty vape devices accumulate too much grime that affects the quality of your e-juice flavor

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