Did you do what the title says? Otherwise, please look at your palms now.

What do you see?

Exactly! Lines. Lots of lines going in different directions.

And you might see some calluses too, at least if you use your hands. These calluses actually say a lot about you too. But that is for another post. Let’s talk about the lines in your palm.

Since millennia, people have been searching for meaning in symbols and omens. I think it’s just another way we try to predict the future and achieve our goals. We look to the sky for signs of rain. We look to the trees to see if there will be fruit this year. We look at the animals to see if they will be bountiful this year.

And we look at our palms to find out more about our future. We see the lines, the differences between our hands and those of the people around us. We assume that longer is better:). And we ignore the things we don’t like.

Wow this article turned out very different from how it started. I wanted to explain why palm reading is the best things since sliced bread. (well before sliced bread actually). But, now I feel it’s actually the most random thing ever. We could spend that time much better looking for real advantages in life. Like what mistakes we keep making over and over again. Or the skills we lack to take our career to the next level.

So let’s change this blog to something different. From now one, this will be

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